First step - Put Stratos into your plugin folder

Put the file Stratos.jar into the /plugins/ folder.

Second step - Create the world

Using Multiverse Core

First, download Multiverse Core if you don't have it. Then use the command

/mv create <worldname> normal -g Stratos

to create world with Stratos generator

To generate a world with a predefined seed, use this command :

/mv create <worldname> normal -g Stratos -s <seed>

Then to be teleported to the world, use the command :

/mv tp <worldname>

Using bukkit.yml

To generate a world named « world » with Stratos using bukkit.yml, add these lines into the bukkit.yml file :

    generator: Stratos

Also be sure level-name in your has the same name as the world you want to generate.

Stratos does not support reload command, please don’t use it, always use restart

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