This page explains how to load yml files (orbs/sets/enchants) from the folders, respectively :

  • /plugins/Nebula/enchants/ for enchantments

  • /plugins/Nebula/sets/ for sets

  • /plugins/Nebula/orbs/ for orbs

The nebula load command can be used as follow /nebulaload {args...} or /nbload {args...}

Files that already exist won't be erased if you load them again, only non-existing files will be loaded

Load enchantments

Load all enchantments

To load all premade enchantments, use /nbload enchants

Load group of enchantments

Enchantments are sorted by groups, the tab completer will indicate you all available groups. To load a group of enchantments, use /nbload enchants <group>

Load one enchantment

You can load only one enchant (list is available here List of enchantments) by using /nbload enchants <group> <enchant_name> (the tab completer will also indicate all the available enchants from the group).

Load Sets

Load all sets

To load all premade sets, use /nbload sets

Load one set

You can load one set by doing /nbload sets <set_name> (tab completer will show you available sets)

Load Power Orbs

Load all orbs

To load all orbs, use /nbload orbs

Load one orb

To load one orb, use /nbload orbs <orb_name> (tab completer will show you available orbs)

Don't forget to use nebula reload command (see Reload) after loading yml files.


Permission to use is nebula.load

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