Each enchantment has to be part of a group. You can define groups in the file groups.yml located in the /plugins/Nebula/ folder.

Creating a group

First add the root of the group (it will be the group name). Under the root add these properties :

  • name : The displayed name of the group

  • group_color : the color prefix of the group

  • success_rate : the success rate range, separated by hyphen (-)

  • break_rate : the break rate range, separated by hyphen (-)

  • rarity : The group rarity (highest if rarest)

  • sorcerer_price : the price on the sorcerer (exp or vault money depending on the value in config.yml)

  • recycler_value : the amount of exp you get recycling the book or item

  • sorcerer_slot : the slot in the sorcerer inventory

  • max_enchantments_per_item : The maximum amount of enchantments per item (-1 for unlimited)

Example :

  name: Normal
  group_color: "&7"
  success_rate: "80-90"
  break_rate: "0-5"
  rarity: 1
  sorcerer_price: 50
  recycler_value: 20+10*%level%
  sorcerer_slot: 11
  max_enchants_per_item: -1

Adding group to the enchantment

In the enchantment file you want to put your group, set the group property to the group name :

group : normal

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