Fishing effects

The fishing effects can be used with trigger fishing.

For all of these effects, only player is a valid effect target as there's no enemy in the scope.


changefishdrop effect will change fish drops.

Multiply drops

To multiply drops, use mul (first parameter) keyword followed by the amount to multiply (second parameter).


Set drop

To set the drop, use set keyword (first parameter) followed by either :

  • the material to set (second parameter) : changefishdrop_set_apple

  • the nebula keyword (second parameter) and the nebula object type (third parameter) to replace it by a nebula object : changefishdrop_set_nebula_orb. Third parameter can be scroll, collector, book, powder, crystalor orb.

For books, orbs and powders, they can be fished only if possible_to_fish property is set to true in the configuration file.

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