Mob drop

Mob drops is handled into the drops.yml file located in the /plugins/Nebula/ folder.

To add an item drop for a mob, add one drop line under the root (the root property is the entity name).

The drop line is made as follow :

- "<item_type>:<item_name>[level]:probability"

The item type could be scroll, enchant_book, crystal, collector, powder, orb

The item name is the name of the item (enchant name if enchant, scroll name if scroll etc..)

The level is a property only for enchantment books, it's the level of the book to be spawned

The probability is the probability to drop the item each time a mob is killed

Example :

  - "scroll:removal:20"
  - "enchant_book:axe_rider[4]:20"
  - "powder:miner:20"

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