First step - Put Nebula into the plugin folder

Put the file Nebula.jar into the /plugins/ folder.

Second step - Install PlaceholderAPI with expansions

  • Download PlaceholderAPI jar file and put it into the /plugins/ folder.

  • Download required PlaceholderAPI expansions (math, armor, player) and put them into the /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions/ folder.

Third step (optional) - Install Vault

Vault is required for the money effect, if you want to use it, download Vault and put it into the /plugins/ folder.

You will also need to install an economy plugin to work with Vault, you can choose the plugin you want among all the existing ones.

Fourth step - Load yml files

To load yml files you want to use, see the Load part. Then use the Nebula reload command for the plugin to take them into account (Reload).

Now you're ready to use Nebula!

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