Collectors are items players can place on weapons or tools to collect points. Then it will be possible to exchange these points against amount of experience using the collector command.

Everything related to collector (inventory name, rates, collect values etc..) can be modified in the COLLECTOR section in the main configuration file

Creating a collector

Collectors can be created in the collector.yml file located in the /plugins/Nebula/ folder.

The root can be whatever you want (it will be the name of the collector) but cannot contains spaces or uppercase characters.

The mandatory parameters are :

name : It will be the displayed name of the collector.

applicable_to : This is items that can receive the collector, authorized values are :

  • all : can be applied to every item (weapons, tools, armor, shield)

  • weapons : all axes, swords and trident

  • distance_weapons : bow, crossbow, trident

  • tools : all pickaxes, shovels, hoes, axes, fishing rod and shears

  • swords : all swords

  • axes : all axes

  • armor : all boots, chestplates, helmets, leggings

  • boots : all boots

  • shovels : all shovels

  • pickaxes : all pickaxes

  • helmets : all helmets

  • leggings : all leggings

  • chestplates : all chestplates

  • hoes : all hoes

  • mana_holders : all weapons, distance_weapons and tools

  • <every_material> : a particular item material, list can be found here

trigger : This is the trigger that will have to be verified to get the points on the item. Authorized triggers for collectors are break_block and kill. See triggers documentation to see how to set up the triggers parameters.

points_earned : This is the amount of points the item will receive when the trigger is verified.

message_subtitle : This is a subtitle message that will be displayed to the player when the trigger is verified.

villager_emerald_price : This is the emerald price of the collector when sold by a villager.

Example :

block_breaker: # root
  name: "&3Block breaker" 
  applicable_to: pickaxes 
  trigger: break_block<stone> 
  points_earned: 1 
  message_subtitle: "&aCollector +1" 
  villager_emerald_price: 10

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