Mana is a way to collect power to use active skills in Nebula. Mana related values to modify are located in the main configuration file under the MANA section.

How to have Mana enabled on an item ?

Mana is not enabled by default, you have to place a mana bar scroll on your item to enable mana on it.

How to reload mana ?

The mana can be reloaded in different ways :

  • Via the Mana reloader if enabled in the configuration file (each period of time, players with mana item in hands will receive amount of mana)

  • Via enchantments effects (some effects are modifying the mana value)

How to increase maximum mana value

The maximum mana value can be increased using a mana max scroll but cannot exceed the max value defined in the main configuration file called mana_max_value.


Mana is used mainly to activate active skills and will be decreased according to the needed amount

You can use mana also for non-active skills, but in premade enchantments in Nebula, only active skills use mana

Enchantments using permanent trigger won't be affected by mana, if the value is not 0 in the enchantment file, it will be ignored

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