The chances are the probabilties that the effects are executed. You can use placeholders from PlaceholderAPI, as well as the %level% placeholder for the enchantments and power orbs and the %items% placeholders for the sets.

One trigger

If the file you are modifying only have one trigger, use the chance key value to set the chance.

Chance example :

chance: 10*%level%

The effects will have 10% to be executed if the enchantment level is 1, 20% if the level is 2, etc..

Using multiple triggers

If the enchantment / power orb / set is using multiple triggers, you have to define multiple chances using chances (don't forget s) keyword. You can now define one chance per line using name at the beginning of the line as follow :

- "<trigger_name>:<chance_value>"

Here is an example with two triggers named hit_all and permanent.


- "hit_all:100"

- "permanent:100"

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