Block effects

The block effects can be used with triggers break_block and distance_hit_block.

For all of these effects, only player is a valid effect target as there's no enemy in the scope.

All of these effects will start at the first block location (the block that was broken for break_block trigger or the touched block for distance_hit_block trigger).


multibreak effect will randomly break blocks arround the first block.

The first parameters defines the amount of blocks to break :



blockdrop effect will change block drops when broken (only for break_block trigger).

Clear drops

The clear parameter (first) will remove every drops from the block (natural drops or already defined drops from another effect).


Add drops

To add drops, use add (first parameter) followed by the Material type (second parameter) and the amount to add (third parameter).


Transform drops

To transform already existing drop, use transform keyword (first parameter) followed by the material to replace (second parameter) and the replacing material (third parameter).


Multiply drops

To multiply drops, use mul (first parameter) keyword followed by the amount to multiply (second parameter).



The drill effect will drill a cube of blocks. The cube radius has to be defined as the first parameter.



resonance effect creates particles in the direction of the parameter block. This is a way to have indications about a blocks types arround, to let the player know if they can be found near his position. The first parameter is the material of the block to receive indications onn, and the second parameter is the radius in which blocks can be detected.



The tntignite effect ignite the first block if it's a tnt. It doesn't require any parameter

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